Access Loan Program                               

Commerce Lexington, Lexington’s leading banks, and other financial institutions have teamed up to provide the Access Loan Program. The program will provide valuable feedback from experts within the lending community to assist you in putting together a business plan and gathering information to improve your chances of success.


Access Loan Procedures

Procedures that must be completed are as follows:

• Completion and return of full packet

• All areas on checklist are to be met

• A sub-committee meeting will be called and at that time it will be decided if proposal moves to the full committee

• Client will present a 10-12 minute proposal to the full committee

• Attending bankers will follow up with their decision to offer or refuse loan for proposal

• Client will be contacted by bankers that have expressed interest in funding loan. 

• At that time, information will be given in regards to loan.

• Once contacted, client is to then follow up with banker(s)

• Commerce Lexington will follow up periodically with client and/or banker to check progress of loan

• Loan is closed based on timetable set with banker and client

Access Loan Application

For more information on the Access Loan Program, please contact Tyrone Tyra at 859-226-1625