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SPARK and 5Across
February 4, 2016-After Hours

March 11, 2016- Open Coffee

April 13, 2016- Luncheon

May 25, 2016- Showcase

July 13, 2016- Luncheon 

October 13-14, 2016- Summit

November 17, 2016 - Celebration
2016 5Across
 Awesome Inc. @ 5 pm
February 24, 2016

April 27, 2016

June 29, 2016

August 31, 2016

October 26, 2016

Finals: December 7, 2016


Please click here to register. 


Congratulations to our 2016 SPARK Ignite Pitch Competition Winners! 

1st place winner of the SPARK Ignite Pitch Competition - RaceAssured!

 2nd place winner of the SPARK Ignite Pitch Competition - Serandu Custom Boots! 

SPARK Ignite Pitch Competition Judges Award - Food Four Good 


Register to attend the event here! 

Click here to access the pitch application! 

Please submit your completed application to Warren Nash by COB April 7th. 


February 5 Across Pitch Competition Winner - Race Assured

SPARK Open Coffee for Entrepreneurs

Panel of speakers at SPARK Open Coffee for Entrepeneurs "Lesson Learned" hosted at BroomWagon.




Congratulations to Race Assure on winning last night's 
5 Across! Race Assure offers a new method to detect early injury in race horses (and potentially other types of horses).

2016 SPARK After Hours

February 4th, 2016
Space Tango 
333 E. Short Street
5:30-7:00 p.m.


Join us for SPARK AFTER HOURS, a networking event at Space Tango. This event will include a tour of Space Tango,  a Lexington startup utilizing microgravity to discover, design and commercialize solutions on earth. It is amazing how organisms, diseases and cells can change when gravity is removed!
 Come network and learn more about what’s happening in space!



2015 5Across Pitch Competition Finals 

1st Place Winner: DonorCentric

                             2nd Place Winner: FinanceU 

Introducing Spark!

Lexington Venture Club unveiled its new brand and direction, “SPARK.” Watch our new video to learn more about the new direction of SPARK. We're excited for 2016!


2015 Lexington Venture Club Celebration 

2015 eAchievers

This award recognizes those companies, who reported on their annual survey that during July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, that their company raised $1M or more in funding from all sources (i.e. grants, equity etc.) and/or the company hired five or more full time employees.


The Harvey Award is a new recognition that will be given annually as a part of the Lexington's annual Entrepreneurial celebration. The recipient will be selected by the Bluegrass Business Development Partnership partners and will be awarded to an individual or organization that has made a major contribution to the support, success and sustainability of Lexington's entrepreneurial/small business community. 
The inaugural recipient of this award, for which it is also named, is Dean Harvey.


September 2015
Lexington Venture Club

Mariam Gorjian giving a brief description of the Univeristy of Kentucky's new Venture Studio


Some of the Venture Studio particpants presenting their ideas to the September Lexington Venture Club attendees! 


Please join us for our September Lexington Venture Club Meeting on September 16th! 




July Lexington Venture Club 

The 1st place winner of the GSE student pitch competition was Walk Easy. Walk Easy is a preventative method of care for patients with neuropathy that scans the bottom of the foot for any possible infections/abnormalities and sends a report of this to the patient’s doctor.

The 2nd place winner of the GSE student pitch competion was Slice Slide. Slice Slide is a modern cutting board that allows for easy transfer of cut food to tupperware or bags attached underneath.

The July Lexington Venture Club was our largest regular meeting ever, with over 100 attendees. Thank you for all who participated and made this event such a success! 


Thank you to everyone who attended the Lexington Venture Club event, Startup to Success. 23 companies participated in the 2015 Bluegrass Showcase for Emerging Entrepreneurs. Each company set up a small exhibit to showcase their technologies and products. The winner of the showcase was Chrisman Mill Farms.

We were excited to host over 125 attendees at this event. We would like to thank our panelists, Alan Sutherland (Clark Material Handling), Drura Parrish (MakeTime) and Andrew Hunt (nGimat) for a great discussion about their entrepreneurial success and experiences. 


We hope you can join us!! 
Lexington Venture Club
Special Event 

       Please click here to register!! 

1st Place Winner of the 3rd Annual LVC Pitch Competition for Student Entrepreneurs – Red Natural

The Company is positioned to become a leading supplier of natural red food coloring replacing Red 40, a synthetic chemical widely used by the food and drink industry in gelatins, puddings, dairy products, confections, beverages, and condiments. Based on a discovery at the University of Kentucky of a new breed of sweet sorghum that produces red pigments in the leaves of the plant, this new, all natural, vegan, non-GMO, source is a direct substitute for Red 40 and much more economical to produce than other natural sources such as purple sweet potatoes and cochineal insect extract. Starbucks, Frito-Lay, and many other companies are rapidly joining the movement to natural food dyes. 


2nd Place Winner of the 3rd Annual LVC Pitch Competition for
Student Entrepreneurs – FinanceU


The cost of receiving a higher education has never been higher. With $1.2 trillion of student debt, it is obvious​ that students do not have enough opportunities to subsidize the cost of college. The current method for awarding scholarships to deserving students is limited to objective criteria and fails to promote meaningful relationships between students and donors. FinanceU is a free, community-based platform that empowers any and all students to “build their own scholarship” through the process of crowdfunding. 


January 2015 Luncheon

Ryan Feit, CEO and Co-Founder of SeedInvest presenting virtually to the Lexington Venture Club.


Warren Nash, University of Kentucky Von Allmen Center with presenters from Babylocity, LLC,  MakeTime, WeStyle and Scante




Please join us on January 14th at Hyatt Regency Lexington for our first Lexington Venture Club event of 2015! Click here to register! 




Global Entrepreneurship Week Speaker Todd Henry, Accidental Creative
speaks at the Lyric Theatre.


Stand Up for Your Start-Up - Hearld Leader Article




LVC eAchiever Celebration


Commerce Lexington Board Chairman Ken Sagan of Stites & Harbison,
PLLC gave opening remarks at the Lexington Venture Club Celebration.


Warren Nash, University of Kentucky Von Allmen Center, and Gina
Greathouse, Commerce Lexington, reveal 2014 eAchiever figures.



2014 eAcheivers recognized at the Lexington Venture Club Celebration.



Lexington Venture Club


LVC eAchiever Celebration



Bluegrass Angels Launch Fund



September Luncheon

Panel including Equinext, Gun Media Holdings,
Float, Seikowave, and Earthineer


  Scante, winner of Bluegrass Angels Launch Fund

MFM One Solutions, winner of Bluegrass Angels Launch Fund



July Luncheon

Laurie Daughtery, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, introduces the
Governor's School of Entrepreneur teams.

First Place winners, ViviCharge


May Luncheon

Julie Wilson, Story The Magazine

Lexington Venture Club
Joshua Slayton, AngeLlist

Mae Marks Covers May LVC

March Luncheon

Lexington Venture Club 

Lamar Wilson, Pheeva

Lexington Venture Club

Brittany Moneymaker and Matthew Long, Trifecta Cooking Equipment

Lexington Venture Club 


Seth McBee, winning pitch - Seke

January Luncheon

Lexington Venture Club           Lexington Venture Club



Lexington Venture ClubThe Lexington Venture Club recognized the first recipients of the Lexington eAchievers award for excellence in entrepreneurship during the November Celebration of Entrepreneurship.  Twenty-five start-up companies in the Bluegrass region were honored with the award for receiving at least $1 million dollars in funding and/or creating five new jobs in Fiscal Year 2013.  Together, these companies raised over $25 million dollars in capital funds, created 89 new jobs, and have a combined average annual wage of over $60,000.  See the list of companies here.



Lexington Venture Club News & Notes