SPARK, formerly known as the Lexington Venture Club (LVC), was launched in late 2015. Building on the LVC’s long-time role to help launch promising business ventures, SPARK’s mission is to provide a forum which fosters sharing between entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and professional services providers. Your involvement in SPARK helps to forge a bright future for this community, with the understanding that our success depends on our ability to connect great ideas with interested investors. Successful ventures result from strong personal contacts. Experience has shown that what investors and entrepreneurs need most is each other!



SPARK also promotes 5 Across, an informal gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers from Lexington, KY. Each 5 Across meeting will feature presentations from local entrepreneurs who will be pitching their idea to a panel of judges. 5 pitches from different teams, 5 minutes per pitch, 5 pm start time, and $500 prize to the winning pitch. For more information or to apply to pitch, visit!