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Company Investment



New Tru-Tone Finishing Inc. e-coating and powder coating for industrial parts $4,600,000 120 Fayette
Exp. Integrated Sign & Graphic, Inc. Aluminum and steel custom sign fabrication and installation $138,169 4 Fayette
New AgTech Scientific, LLC Manufacturer of industrial hemp products $5,000,000 271 Bourbon
New EnerBlu, Inc. Headquarters and R&D facility for energy solutions company $40,000,000 110 Fayette
Exp. Barnhill Enterprises, LLC Manufacturer of chimney caps and products $82,737 6 Fayette
Exp. The Weekly Juicery, LLC Manufacturer of raw, cold-pressed juice $16,500 1 Fayette
New SPARK Entrepreneurial companies $57,193,486 270 Fayette
New TEC Biosciences Biotech company focused on measurement of metabolomics $1,000,000 4 Fayette
Exp. PowerTech Water, LLC Technology company for water purification $14,495 2 Fayette
Exp. Paratechs Corp Biotech company that offers innovative technologies $6,696 1 Fayette
Exp. Molding Solutions Custom injection molders of plastic and rubber $366,758 6 Fayette
Exp. MakeTime Inc. On-demand manufacturing marketplace platform $437,500 5 Fayette
Exp. JR Buck Industries, LLC Custom metal fabrication services $1,300,000 10 Fayette
Exp. AVENTICS Corporation Manufacturer of pneumatic components, systems, and applications $861,830 20 Fayette
Exp. Fusioncorp, LLC Software development company $747,150 8 Fayette
Exp. Old World Timber LLC Manufacturer of reclaimed wood products $14,240 4 Fayette
Exp. West Sixth Brewing Company, LLC Craft brewing operation $14,700 4 Fayette
Exp. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky North American Production Support $120,960,000 0 Scott
Exp. Xooker, LLC Mobile marketing app developer $1,472,000 100 Fayette
Exp.  KITO U.S.A. Manufacturer of robotic welding equipment $695,000 5 Fayette
Exp. Florida Tile, Inc. Corporate headquarters of tile manufacturer $3,524,000 12 Fayette
Exp. Fooji Tech company connecting brands to consumers $754,795 41 Fayette
Exp.  VeBridge Enterprise content and business processing management firm $1,193,967 20 Fayette
Exp. MosquitoMate Biotech manufacturer of ZAP mosquitoes $535,040 12 Fayette
Exp.  Visumatic Industrial Products, Inc. Manufacturer of automated systems $41,802 5 Fayette
Exp.  Old World Timber, LLC Manufacturer of reclaimed wood products $50,466 4 Fayette
Exp. Bluegrass Tool & Industrial Supplier of industrial products $22,000 4 Fayette
Exp. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky North American production support $1,330,000,000 0 Scott
Exp. hydra Handmade aromatherapy products manufacturer $285,000 26 Fayette
Exp. Pilkington North America Manufacturer of glass for automotive, architectural, and solar markets $7,500,000 0 Woodford
Exp. Minova USA Inc. Manufacturer of products for mining and tunneling industries $300,000 25 Scott
Exp. Alltech, Inc. Expansion of corporate headquarters $21,000,000 100 Jessamine
Exp. The Apiary Event space and caterer $32,300 2 Fayette
Exp. SDGBlue, LLC IT company, specializing in security, network infrastructure, and technology $25,670 7 Fayette
Exp. The Weekly Juicery, LLC Manufacturer of raw, cold pressed juice $7,754 2 Fayette
Exp. PowerTech Water, LLC Technology company for water purification $5,380 1 Fayette
Exp. Equine Diagnostic Solutions LLC Diagnostic testing for veterinary health care industry focusing on equine testing $5,006 1 Fayette
Exp. Hera Testing Laboratories, Inc. Toxicology and therapeautic biotech testing company $18,263 5 Fayette
Exp. MakeTime Inc. On-demand manufacturing marketplace platform $29,234 8 Fayette
New Nishida Art Specialty Composite America Inc. Manufacturer of composite material for automobiles $2,330,000 30 Franklin
New Monomoy Capital Partners Private equity firm for middle market $100,000 13 Fayette
Exp. Tenmast Software Company Software development for housing authorities $2,650,000 10 Fayette
Exp.  West Sixth Brewing Co. Craft brewing operation $25,000 3 Fayette
Exp. Online wagering site n/a 18 Fayette
New SPARK Entrepreneurial Companies $65,339,025 307 Fayette
Exp. Big Ass Solutions Manufacturer of industrial and residential ceiling fans $10,700,000 562 Fayette
Exp. JR Buck Industries, LLC Custom metal fabrication services $108,205 2 Fayette
New Rosellini Scientific Medical nanotechnology for intravascular drug delivery $375,000 2 Fayette
Exp. United Parcel Services, Inc. Ground hub for package delivery and logistics $105,983,878 15 Fayette
New Lakeshore Learning Materials Distribution center for educational materials and classroom furniture $47,440,579 262 Woodford
New Astecnos America Corporation Designs and manufactures specialized machines for automotive industry $1,242,817 41 Jessamine
New WearWare, Inc. (DBA FlyWire Camera) Manufactures a flexible and wearable HD video camera $2,780,000 4 Fayette
Exp. Kinemetrix Industrial Design, Inc. Advanced automation and robotic systems manufacturer $28,977 2 Fayette
Exp. MakeTime On-demand manufacturing marketplace platform $2,000,000 28 Fayette
Exp. AVAIL Software development for architectural firms $500,500 4 Fayette
Exp. Identify3D Software and services for intellectual property protection in digital manufacturing $200,000 4 Fayette
Exp. James Pepper Distilling Co. Bourbon distillery $1,292,000 3 Fayette
Exp. Hera BioLabs Specialized products and services for scientists and pharmaceutical researchers $1,810,571 23 Fayette
Exp. Wiser Strategies Professional services in marketing and communications $47,500 1 Fayette
Exp Kinemetrix Manufacturer of advanced automation and robotic systems $11,245 2 Fayette
Exp Bluegrass Stockyards, LLC Agribusiness $11,900,000 20 Fayette
New More Than a Bakery Manufacturer of baked goods $57,100,000 310 Woodford
Exp Coldstream Laboratories Contract pharmaceutical manufacturing $12,771,948 40 Fayette
Exp CLARK Material Handling Forklift manufacturer $4,700,000 30 Fayette
Exp Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. Automotive supplier of electric wiring systems $16,610,670 10 Fayette
Exp West Sixth Brewing Company, LLC Craft brewing operations $35,000 7 Fayette
Exp MosquitoMate Biotech manufacturer $5,750 1 Fayette
Exp SDGBlue, LLC IT company, specializing in security, network infrastructure, technology $8,372 2 Fayette
Exp Integrated Sign & Graphic, Inc. Manufacturer of custom signs $27,605 4 Fayette
Exp Barnhill Enterprises, LLC Chimney caps and products manufacturer $14,500 4 Fayette
Exp Fluent Software development $875,000 1 Fayette
Exp nanoRANCH Headquarters, R&D for nanotechnology $700,000 35 Fayette
Exp ASC Incorporated Automotive convertible tops manufacturer n/a 33 Fayette
New Lexington Venture Club Entrepreneurial Companies $50,591,712 280 Fayette
Exp EIE Materials, Inc. Advanced materials R&D $490,670 5 Fayette
New Innovative Mattress Solutions Headquarters $2,400,000 52 Fayette
Exp Electronic shopping warehouse and storage n/a 200 Fayette
Exp Consolo Services Group Hospice software services $730,700 30 Fayette
Exp Elite Machining LLC Fabrication and machine shop  $35,000 2 Fayette
Exp MakeTime Inc On-line marketplace for buying and selling manufacturing machine capacity by the hour $100,000 5 Fayette
Exp Bluegrass Tool & Industrial Supplier of industrial products $1,500,000 10 Fayette
Exp Ashland Valvoline Headquarters and R&D $35,000,000 0 Fayette
Exp Country Boy Craft brewing operation $4,145,000 20 Scott
Exp Belcan Engineering Group, Inc. Engineering services and technical staffing provider in the aerospace industry $3,246,870 100 Fayette
Exp Awesome Inc. U Software development education $100,000 1 Fayette
Exp eTechCampus LLC Digital learning solutions  $2,050,000 45 Fayette
Exp AnnuLox, Inc. Manufacturer of dye catalyst $1,300,000 5 Fayette
Exp Summit Biosciences Inc. Specialty Pharmaceutical Company, development and manufacturing  $1,902,000 9 Fayette
Exp Medsignals/VitalSignals LLC Health status monitoring solution systems $419,700 11 Fayette
New Surelock McGill Lock manufacturing sales office $500,000 3 Fayette
New Lexington Venture Club Entrepreneurial companies $57,442,275 144 Fayette
New Multi Scale Solutions Data mining technology $405,000 3 Fayette
New nanoRANCH Environmental Systems Industrial analytics $100,000 3 Fayette
New GISMO Therapeutics Oral therapeutics $180,000 2 Fayette
New Patent Rank Patent porfolio analytics $100,000 3 Fayette
Exp AVENTICS Corp. Pneumatic valves and cylinders manufacturer $700,000 12 Fayette
Exp SRC of Lexington, Inc. Remanufacturer of industrial equipment and machinery $1,917,400 50 Fayette
New Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (TEMA) Automobile engineering and R&D $59,000,000 300 Scott
Exp Henry Schein Animal Health Dental, medical, and veterinary supplies $2,670,000 31 Fayette
New hydra Soap Handmade soap manufacturer $281,000 10 Fayette
New Consequence Management Management support center $8,615,000 62 Fayette
Exp Xerox Business services outsourcing, technical support $1,000,000 400 Fayette
Exp Creative Lodging Solutions Travel and Lodging Services $5,500,000 120 Fayette
New Funai Lexington Technology Corp. Inkjet Printer Technology R&D Center $4,219,430 50 Fayette
Exp Stantec International engineering firm $2,500,000 30 Fayette
Exp Harbor Steel Steel piece manufacturing $7,700,000 40 Fayette
New Twin Star TDS, LLC Medical devices $2,000,000 4 Fayette
New Science Tomorrow Scientific R&D $413,000 4 Fayette
New Nicolalde R&D Development of innovative IT $252,000 2 Fayette
New New Global Systems for
Intelligent Transportation Management

IT & Communications



New Mercury Data Systems IT & Communications $3,000,000 7 Fayette
New Hitron Technologies, Inc. Materials science $700,000 4 Fayette
New Directed Energy Inc. R&D on lighting and communication $1,400,000 3 Fayette
New Bauer Labs Software and IT $450,000 2 Fayette
New NOHMs Technologies Lithium-ion Batteries $5,300,000 162 Fayette
Exp Alliance Coal Regional Headquarters $8,318,435 25 Fayette
Exp Toyota Motor Manufacturing North American Production Support $531,600,000 750 Scott
Exp Tiffany and Co. Jewelry Manufacturing $2,000,000 75 Fayette
Exp Hummingbird Nano Ultra-small molded components $551,591 18 Fayette
Exp J.M. Smucker LLC Jif peanut butter mfg $43,700,000   Fayette
Exp Total Quality Logistics Freight brokerage firm $1,756,503 75 Fayette
New YS Precision Stamping Automotive Stamping $9,950,000 100 Scott
  Lexington Venture Club Start-up Company Activity $93,870,182 201  
New Invenio Therapeutics, Inc Biopharmaceuticals $1,200,000 3 Fayette
New Minerva Systems & Technologies Software design & development $525,000 2 Fayette
New TeleHealth Holdings, LLC Health status monitoring systems $2,455,000 35 Fayette
New Biomedical Development Corporation Healthcare technologies $450,000 6 Fayette
New Innovative Energy Solutions Energy technology for the coal industry $277,000 4 Fayette
Exp Webasto Sunroof Systems Sunroof Manufacturing $10,000,000 65 Fayette
Exp Allylix Renewable Chemicals $1,631,000 14 Fayette
New Birtley Coal Processing Equipment $10,000,000 50 Fayette
New Bingham McCutchen LLP Global Services Center $22,589,098 250 Fayette
Exp PremierTox Drug screening $250,000 25 Fayette
Exp Nitto Denko Automotive supplies manufacturing $2,492,040 23 Fayette
New Xact Communications Telecommunications services HQ $1,567,942 20 Fayette
Exp Big Ass Fans Large industrial ceiling fans $8,000,000 150 Fayette
Exp Toyota Motor Manufacturing North American Production Support


86 Scott
New Customer Service Facility $20,700,000 550 Clark
New CirrusMio Software Solutions $200,000 10 Fayette
Exp KD Analytical Consulting Emergency Responder Support Training & Service $897,800 15 Fayette
Exp Lexmark International Research and Development $20,000,000   Fayette
New SMC LLC Electronic Manufacturing Services $1,880,000 94 Jessamine
  Lexington Venture Club Start-up Company Activity $69,858,852 182  
New A & W Restaurants Global Headquarters $1,900,000 30 Fayette
Exp CMS Text, LLC Mobile Marketing Firm $4,389,975 135 Fayette
New KY Spirit Health Plan Medicaid Service Center   250 Fayette
Exp GE Lighting Energy Efficient Flood Lamps $7,250,000 36 Fayette
Exp Valvoline Research & Development $1,550,000 40 Fayette
Exp Neogen Corporation Biotechnology $5,655,000 75 Fayette
Exp Shatterbox, LLC Headquarter Operations $926,000 15 Fayette
Exp Tempur-Pedic Intern'l Headquarter Operations $18,000,000 65 Fayette
Exp FrogDice Online Virtual Worlds   7 Fayette
Exp Transposagen Life Sciences $900,000 21 Fayette
New AllConnect Service & Sales Support $1,977,000 220 Fayette
New Exatherm Medical Devices   3 Fayette
New Babcock & Wilcox Cotract Support Services   15 Fayette
Exp Lockheed Martin Logistic Support Services $26,000,000 224 Fayette
  Lexington Venture Club Start-Up Company Activity $65,484,484 154  
Exp Lexington Manufacturing Center General Manufacturing $40,000 5 Fayette
New Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Manufacturing $2,500,000 125 Fayette
Exp Escent Technologies Chemical Development $500,000 13 Fayette
Exp Illinois Tool Works Auto Part Fasteners $1,174,000 10 Fayette
Exp ACS Outsourcing, Technical Support   250 Fayette
New Vindico NanoBio Tech Nano and Bio Technology   5 Fayette
New Orthopeutics Injectable Spinal Devices $8,200,000 4 Fayette
New nGimat Nanopowder Production 1,601,800 50 Fayette
Exp ACS Outsourcing, Technical Support $7,315,000 200 Fayette
Exp Mountain Valley Recycling Plastic Recycling $9,280,040 275 Franklin
Exp Martek Biosciences Corp Food additives $3,646,900   Clark
Exp Tempur-Pedic Headquarter Operations   18 Fayette
Exp Sumitomo Automotive Components   6 Fayette
Exp FGX Septech Dry Coal Processing $720,000   Fayette
Exp ASC Incorporated Automotive Components $600,000 10 Fayette
New Galmont Consulting Software Testing $1,300,000 90 Fayette
Exp Software Info. Systems IT Services, Data Center $5,500,000 15 Fayette
New USEF Equine Drug Testing Lab $1,527,000 12 Fayette
Exp ACS Outsourcing, Technical Support   80 Fayette
Exp ParaTechs Corp Biotechnology $120,000 7 Fayette
New Connected Patients Interactive Hospital Terminals     Fayette
New SRC Holdings Construction & Mining Equip.   64 Fayette
New HFL Sport Science Drug Testing Lab $4,163,000 44 Fayette
New NTSG, Inc Fiber Optic Integration $1,400,000 10 Fayette
Exp Summit Bioscience Intranasal Pharmaceuticals $5,055,000 22 Fayette
New LabDX Clinical Diagnostic Lab $7,155,000 65 Fayette
Exp ACS Outsourcing, Technical Support   50 Fayette
Exp Baker Iron & Metal Recycling of Scrap Metal $8,000,000 10 Fayette
New Equine Diagnostic Solutions Equine Reference Lab $365,000 5 Fayette
New Florida Tile Headquarters $1,8000,000 51 Fayette
Exp Sherwin-Williams Automotive Coatings $23,300,000 27 Madison
Exp Kentucky American Water Utility Provider $600,000 30 Fayette
New Scentsy Candles Distribution Center $750,000 100 Fayette
Exp Trane Manufacturing $30,000,000   Fayette
Exp ACS Outsourcing, Technical Support   180 Fayette
New Argonne Nat'l Lab Battery R&D Center $6,500,000 23 Fayette
Exp Buffalo Trace Distillery Whiskey & Bourbon Distiller $900,000 39 Franklin
Exp Forced Potato Mining Electronics $10,000 2 Fayette
Exp Link-Belt Cons. Equip. Crane Manufacturing $8,800,000 100 Fayette
Exp Critchfield Meats Meat Processing   50 Fayette
Exp Foam Design Inc. Ceramic Filter Manufacturing $100,000 25 Fayette
Exp Lexmark International Research & Development $16,500,000   Fayette
New Automobile BDC Internet Outsourcing $100,000 75 Fayette